STEM Epic Heroes Card Game (Collector's Edition)
STEM Epic Heroes Card Game (Collector's Edition)
STEM Epic Heroes Card Game (Collector's Edition)
STEM Epic Heroes Card Game (Collector's Edition)
STEM Epic Heroes Card Game (Collector's Edition)

STEM Epic Heroes Card Game (Collector's Edition)

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This special collector's edition includes bonus foiled cards featuring Einstein, Kepler, DiVinci, and more!  The game box is a book-style with amazing cover art and looks great on your shelf. 

STEM Epic Heroes is a fun, simple, and fast-paced card game for 2-4 players where you team up with the greatest minds in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in an epic race to make discoveries. Unleash special abilities, enhance your score, and use inspiration to instantly change the game!

STEM Epic Heroes is easily picked up by new players while providing a light layer of depth for seasoned gamers.

Your goal is to use Heroes (like Einstein, Tesla, Ada Lovelace) to make discoveries, enhance your score with items and locations, and use inspiration cards to accelerate your progress and disrupt your opponents. Core game mechanics are based around competitive set collection with some "take that" elements.

Customer Reviews

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Great product design and concept. Some game rules a little unclear

This is a great-looking product. Box is a pretend book with great graphics, cards are strong and vibrant and clearly laid out and with a great visual look. The game mechanics are good, with strong reinforcement of the STEM and science principles that under-pin the game. Some aspects of the game rules are a little unclear, but local interpretation can be made to resolve that.

Overall, recommended for 10-16 year olds with an interest in science or STEM subjects.

Easy to learn game with super interesting art and theme

This version of the game is the same as the standard, but the Collectors Edition includes foiled cards that are not in the standard edition and a book style box that has cool with cover art. It's a fun game best played with 3 or more people, but it has also become a conversation piece and unique display item for my office. I recommend either version of the game (I own both) but the collectors edition is worth the added cost in my opinion. Highly recommend!

STEM Collectors Edition

We love this game! It is a fast and intuitive play with lots of learning opportunities. Thank you for giving these STEM heroes a fresh place to collaborate and be seen by varied interest groups.


Fun and educational. The art is amazing. I plan to purchase more copies for future gifts.

A pity ... we haven't received it yet.

I would love to comment more but we have not received the game ... we still hope for Christmas.

Hi, Angel.

I am very sorry to hear that you have not received your copy of STEM Epic Heroes yet. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. As a result of your review I went back and checked all of our international orders within the last two moths and discovered that while most orders do arrive within the 7-21 business day projected window, several have not. I have updated the international shipping section of our FAQ to better reflect the time that it could take for an international package to arrive. Hopefully this is a temporary setback brought on by the unprecedented number of packages going through the United States Postal Service. I understand that none of this will get the game to you any faster and I am sorry for that.

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